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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's Lust List

If I were Katie Holmes Cruise with my hubby's black Amex...this is what I'd track down this week:

This ridiculously cute loveseat from i suwannee's shop Furbish (I'll take that piece of coral and some throw pillows while I'm there!)

And while I don't care much for the girl, I'd take her sundress in a second

people mag photo

Then I'd hop a plane and spend the weekend here

ok, so this is my pic...and that's me floating in the clear blue water...but I still want to be there. St. John, USVI


  1. *sigh* what I wouldn't give to be floating in that water RIGHT NOW.

  2. ugh...we're celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next month and I soooo want to be on that beach! Sadly, theres no dinero for a trip. So big.fat.sigh. for me:(


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